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About Us

Legastory means honoring legacies by telling stories. We are striving to give families something truly meaningful, an heirloom that can be shared with the family lineage for generations to come. Our team is made up of Emmy award-winning professionals specializing in broadcast journalism, videography, and much more.

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Your Story, Your Way

These are not your typical home videos. They will live up to the excellence of the family stories they illustrate. We will always be flexible and let the vision of each family guide the production process.

Explore Our Offerings


Ancestor is for you if you seek an abbreviated, but thorough, telling of your family story.

  • 90+ minute finished documentary
  • Unlimited amount of interviews (a number could be placed; like 20-25 people)
  • Unlimited photos and video content
  • Client is allowed up to 3 edit changes


Heritage is the level suited for your HNW family if you want a full service, private chronicling of your family history. Nearly all of the amenities offered in the Legacy level are available in Heritage but in a shorter video. (Our Most Popular)

  • Up to 75 minute finished documentary
  • 12-15 interviews
  • 100-150 photos/videos
  • Client is allowed up to 2 edit changes


Legacy is the top tier Concierge, limited to a select group of UHNW existing clients or family offices. Belonging to Legacy is almost the same as owning your very own video production company. Yet, because of the annual retainer, any new projects have benefits that far exceed the annual fee.

  • Up to 60 minute finished documentary
  • 7-10 interviews
  • 75-100 photos/videos
  • Client is allowed up to 1 edit changes

Why Legastory?

“For an hour and a half we laughed and cried and cheered…”

Timothy Rand
CEO, Midway Wholesalers Chicago, Illinois

Why Legastory?

“ My children never knew all of the fascinating details surrounding their grandfather’s life. The kids, now, have a new interest and pride in their family. ”

Linda Kogen
President, Kogen Development Corporation Skokie, Illinois